Non-profits that help others, need help in the summer

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- While temperatures are on the way up during the summer donations for local non-profits are down.

"It happens every year that way. People go on vacation, but the needs never take a vacation," said Fresno Rescue Mission CEO Don Eskes.

The Fresno Rescue Mission prepares for the decline every summer. Eskes pointed out the local non-profit group does not receive government assistance and operates 100% on donations.

"During the holidays the finances come in very strong, and we have to build a reserve that we budget for. We budget for the following year, and so we have to dip into those reverses," said Eskes.

In addition to their site downtown, the Fresno Rescue Mission has their Rescue the Children site in West Central Fresno that cares for children and women.

Eskes said that accounts for 50 percent of who they care for the entire year.

The Central California Food Bank is dealing with the same issue of feeding more families during the summer.

"For us, school being out that means we have quite a few more children who are not getting free and reduced meals at school. So that means there is going to be additional stress on the families and additional strains on their food budgets," said CEO Andy Souza.

The Central California Food Bank is in the process of moving to a bigger facility in Southeast Fresno, and that will help them accommodate produce donated by local farmers during the summer.

"So what that helps us do is really backfill that drop in cash donations by having that additional food available," said Souza. "But having said that we still have to store it, we have to package it, and we still have to get it out to the families we serve. So it really feels that stretch."

Both organizations say they wouldn't be able to operate without the public's help year round.
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