Program introducing girls to positive female role models

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Girls at Gaston Middle School in Fresno started Tuesday in an exciting way.

They're being greeted by 101 female mentors for muffins and a side of inspiration.

"Muffins with Mom's" brought out doctors, teachers and even Fresno State's first lady, Mary Castro.

"To get to sit across the table in the morning and start your day with someone telling you they believe in you, is pretty powerful," said Castro.

They're learning about love.

"Nobody is going to love you better than you love yourself, said guest speaker Angie Barfield. "You have got to love yourself first."

But the word "love" goes far beyond that.

"The 'L' is for loyalty, the 'O' is for being observant, the 'V' is for values, and 'E' is for excellence."

Gaston Vice Principal Lisa Nichols says for some girls this might be the first time they get this kind of attention.

"Some of our girls were a little nervous about coming they mentioned, 'well I don't have my mother in my life,' so we do have some girls that have a lack of a support system."

That's why Nichols says this event is important. It shows girls they matter.

"You can't do this journey alone, there are people put there who support and love you, and want to see you be successful. So it is important that they are taught key values, because those are the values they are going to need to be successful."

At the end mentors exchanged numbers with students, to support girls beyond school.
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