Program shows teens dangers of driving drunk

FOWLER, Calif. (KFSN) -- According to the California Highway Patrol, every 15 minutes someone is killed from drunk driving.

Decisions made in an instant forever changing lives.

A crash outside of Fowler High School on Thursday was staged, but the lessons it teaches are very real.

"Even though we are a small town, we know that we are not immune to the possibility of losing one of our students, and we would hate to see that happen," said Learning Director Mike McColm.

The program "Every 15 Minutes" is showing teens the consequences of drinking and driving.

CHP spokesman Victor Taylor says the program is especially important right now with prom and graduation in the weeks to come.

"We know they have choices, they have to make the proper ones because drinking and driving could end up in tragedy or death."

Every 15 minutes someone dressed as the grim reaper collected a student, as their obituary is read to the other students.

One of the students to be taken was junior Noelle Romero.

"I'm not dead, but to imagine my mom, to imagine my mom crying about me, that's hard I can't imagine causing that kind of pain in my family."

This is the first time the program has been brought to this campus, but staff hopes it will leave a lasting impact.

"When this is all said and done, I hope that students are able to realize how much, and how significant one decision can be," said McColm.
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