Ready for patrol, the annual CHP Formal inspection

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Every year, CHP officers undergo a military-like uniform inspection. Officers are expected to look sharp and have a firm understanding of the agency's mission.

On Tuesday, California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers from the Central Division CHP office lined up for their 'Chapter 30 Formal Inspection.' The inspection has its roots in the military. During the inspection, the Commander goes over the officer's uniform and firearm to be sure everything is in top shape, and that officer is ready to represent the department.

"The inspection brings us back to the basics. It allows our officers, and our sergeants, our lieutenants, and our commanders to understand the importance of, not just the uniform and what it represents, but the job that we do and the people we protect," said Captain Brain Hawkins, California Highway Patrol Central Division.

"It's really about attention to detail. The CHP is still what we call a paramilitary organization," said Officer David Singer, a 17-year veteran with the CHP. "When you're out there working the road you have to pay attention to all the little things. So this is just reinforcing that attention to detail. It's really about making everything just right, down to the very specific guidelines the CHP sets forth. It helps keep your mind tight."

Officer Andrea Brown, Flight Officer Paramedic, explained everything that goes into getting prepared for the inspection.

"Everything brass has to be polished and looking good. The name tag, your badge, the keepers on your belt, the leather has to be looking sharp so if it has any dings or anything, you need to clean that up, polishing your boots, get your uniforms clean."

Brown said it took her about two hours to get ready. Other officers said they spent anywhere from a two to five hours to prepare.
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