Student Music Award

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Ever since she was a little girl 14-year-old Julieta Romero's dream has always been to be a musician. On Tuesday afternoon she was awarded a brand new flute through the A.J. Parker-Foster Memorial Musical Instrument Project, bringing her one step closer to reaching her dream.

"It's brand new and I can just try out something that is actually going to be mine for the first time," Julieta.

To Julieta this flute is much more than just an instrument, it is her future.

"I have been a part of music all my entire life and I think it is the only thing in life that drives me to better myself," said Julieta.

"For us, it is a blessing to receive this because know she can practice at home, not have to borrow, not have to worry about having to pay for a flute in case anything happens to it," said Julieta' mom Dalia Romero.

At a young age, Julieta discovered her passion for music. At school, she sang in the choir and learned how to play different instruments.

"When I was little I used to sing a lot with my mom and my aunt especially,' said Julieta. "It was easier for me to just blend in with everybody and I think what music did for me, was it brought out what I knew best."

The teen is the oldest of four and grew up in a single parent household. Currently, she is a freshman at Universty High School. Julieta's mom Dalia says she is willing to make sacrifices to see her child succeed.

"I have worked two jobs at times, just to make sure that we had enough gas to get her to school," said Dalia.

Julieta is also willing to put in hard work to achieve her dreams.

"Right now I do not have the ability every morning to take her to school because i work early so she takes the city bus," said Dalia.

After Julieta graduates, she hopes to be the first in her family to go to college. Even though she wants to be a musician she also says she wants to be a doctor.
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