The Outsiders are passing on the crowds and deep discounts for a day in Yosemite

Hundreds of people decided to go "green" on their Black Friday.

Yosemite Park visitors spent the day hiking up trails instead of shopping for deals. How potential fee increases could impact future outings to the park.

In an attempt to skip the crowds during the Black Friday shopping frenzy people opted to wait in long lines to catch a glimpse of the sights inside a national park.

Marshall Phillips said, "It took us 45 minutes was black Friday shopping in Yosemite."

Green was the new Black Friday for visitors of all ages, cameras instead of credit cards were on hand as some first-time park goers witnessed the cascading waterfalls and massive granite giants.

"I don't even want to think about the malls right now, I'm still getting over the turkey hangover," said Amy Werner.

Tanya Vanbemmel is visiting from Holland, she says at 30 dollars, this was the perfect spot to come see.

"This is a good highlight of our trip through the western USA," said Vanbrmmel.

But there is a possibility that could change the National Park Service is considering increasing fees during peak seasons at several parks to improve aging infrastructure for a private car, that means it could cost 70 dollars instead of 30 dollars to visit.

The state attorney general announced his opposition to the increase on Wednesday arguing that it makes the parks "inaccessible to many Americans".

Werner said, "Hopefully there's a medium point where people can afford, but keep this a beautiful place."

Others say people would be willing to cough up the cash.

"People will come with a carload...just jam more people in the car," said Marshall Phillips.

But visitors of the park were not here to talk money on this holiday weekend, they came to enjoy one thing.

Sadie and Anabelle said, "The view!"
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