FresYes Fest kicks off in Downtown Fresno, organizers say it's bigger and better

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The spirit of the city can be summed up in one word: FresYES.

Droves of people flocked to Downtown Fresno to celebrate the local.

"It's about embracing your community and loving it for what it is," said organizer Mike Oz.

From tri-tip to tribute beer, 25 local food trucks and 75 local vendors put their best foot forward.

"$500,000-$600,000 of gross revenue is generated between us, between the vendors, between the restaurants, bars downtown or even just shops," said Michael Cruz with Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company.

Organizers even strategically expanded the event to introduce new businesses in the area.

"There's a lot of businesses getting exposed to people that maybe only come to Fresno once or twice a year,"

The newly renovated Rustigian Building off Fulton and Mono in Downtown Fresno served as the Chill Lounge which housed a pop-up for local merchants.

Live music drew in the dancing crowd and the added space brought aspiring artists to the streets bringing a whole new meaning to family friendly.

"This year might have been our most ambitious because we added to popup parties and we tried to make the event less congested by moving things around," Oz said.

Fresno police say they have added enforcement bringing on 17 additional officers and 30-135 private security detail.

Fresno Football Club kicks off their home opener at 7:30 p.m., and after the AlleyWave party will take place across the street.
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