Traver School students working to bring a library to the community

TRAVER, Calif. (KFSN) -- A group of Traver middle school students have big plans to start a new chapter in their community.

The students are turning the page and working to bring a library to their own backyard.

"We want to have a place for high school students to come and do homework, print papers," said 6th grade teacher Elizabeth Rodriguez. "Because often we would have students come to our campus after school and sit outside and try to use the internet or ask teachers if can we print something because we have some homework assignments to do."

What started as an entry in the Step Up Community Challenge quickly turned into something more.

"They said we don't have a library, we really want a place for our students to be able to check out books and our parents to be able to check out books," added Rodriguez.

"At first we didn't know what it took to make a library and so we didn't know how to start, we kind of just started planning," said 7th grader Xavier Luna.

Instead of just a library for their fellow students, they wanted to make one for the whole community.

They got to work, talking to officials, holding a book drive and finding a home for the new space at the Traver Community Assistance Program thrift store.

"Sometimes you struggle with homework or just need help with things and the library could be helpful because it's quiet, you can go and read or you want to meet up with friends and they can help you with homework or just to hang out," added Luna.

They've raised $3,000 so far, but need another $7,000 to make it happen.

"Just to hang out, a place for silence, a place where you can do your homework after school," said 8th grader Jayden Vela of his hopes for the space.

"It would be cool if people came here every day, just a school day or even the weekend," said Luna. "Just to be here and to see that, and think that's what we did."

They hope to officially open the library doors this June. If you'd like to donate books, furniture or money contact Elizabeth Rodriguez at (559) 577-2923 or Traver School at (559) 897-2755.
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