Tree Fresno's Tribute Tree Program sells trees to honor people

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The organization Tree Fresno sells trees in honor of people who are living or have passed.

"We call this the Tribute Tree Program and about four years ago we transitioned to Tribute Groves," Lee Ayres said.

Tree Fresno Ceo Lee Ayres says people are buying trees not only for those who have passed but as a way to honor those who are living.

Little Huntington is a spirited child who loves to be outdoors and loves his tree.

Huntington's mom, Lauren Kemmer said,"It's been something that's been really great for our family. We planted it while I was pregnant so we came out here and helped plant the tree and we came back two weeks after he was born and we've been out a dozen times since then. So we've been watching the tree grow and watching grow which has been really cool."

The tree has a special plaque with his name on it. It was given to him as a baby shower gift by his grandmother's friends.

Huntington's grandmother, Stacy Steinwand said, "It was an emotional experience to just know that there was something that was going to be living for Huntington besides family."
The McGowans of Fresno have also decided to pay tribute to their loved ones. Tom bought his wife five trees for their five grandkids last Christmas.

Karen McGowan & Tom McGowan said, "That park I have brought many to and we've watched them grow and they'll continue for many years hopefully."

They've been able to spend time at Woodward Park together and take in their trees.

"I believe in things that last generations like trees," McGowan said.

For a cost of about 400 dollars, Tree Fresno plants and preserves the trees for a people. A gift that starts with humble roots and gives back to the environment as well.

Tree Fresno says, for now, there are now three locations, but in the future, they'd like to establish one in every city in the San Joaquin Valley.
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