William Saroyan Society Awards

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The creative power of the written word was celebrated Wednesday at the Woodward Park Regional Library.

Tonight the William Saroyan Society handed out awards to 15 students who pushed the envelope in its annual writing contest.

This year's topic asked students in Fresno County to write about a mistake in their life and how they overcame it.

Of the hundreds of selections, 15 were chosen to receive cash prizes.

Sarah Soghomonian, Board Member of William Saroyan Society explains the purpose behind the prise, "It is our goal to help educate the younger generations about Saroyan about his importance not only to the people of the Central Valley but the world. So the goal of the contest is to get kids writing like Saroyan did."

The annual writing contest is open to all kids in first through 12th grades.
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