Woman turns love of goats and cheese into a profit

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Rocky Oaks Goat Creamery is in the business of cheese making, it is a labor of love for owner Margaret Weber and it all starts with her 16 Nubian goats.

To Weber, they are like family. Each one is named after a Country singer or princess.

They get milked twice a day and each goat produces about a gallon of milk.

Every gallon equals one pound of cheese. Weber makes eight different kinds.

"We have heritage, which is a Gouda-style, Rocky is the pretty golden color," she said.

Before it was a business, it was a hobby. Weber raised livestock most of her life. She was a nurse for almost 40 years and then decided it was time for a change.

"I got three and then got more, and then I got the goats and was like, what am I going to do with it?" said Weber. "Then I thought, I like cheese, so let's make cheese. it kind of just evolved around that."

It would take seven years before she could put it all together. She learned how to make cheese through class then purchased some land. Three brown barns went up, the goats moved in and this fall they opened their doors. Weber said the key to her cheese is the milk and quality feed is the secret. It is a difference that people can taste.

"I had a few converts of people saying I don't like goat cheese and they taste our cheese and they say hey, this is okay," she said.

Weber said they are only open to the public by appointment but soon plan on opening once every weekend. You can learn more by clicking the link https://www.rockyoaksgoatcreamery.com/
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