Young farmers auction off animals at Big Fresno Fair

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Today was pay-day for young farmers at the Big Fresno Fair.

FFA and 4-H students lined up in the livestock pavilion on Saturday morning waiting their turn to auction of their animal.

Allison Lemm with Kerman FFA was first up auctioning off her goat.

"That was a really fun experience. I learned a lot from it that I never thought I would learn about dairy goats or goats in general," said Lemm.

She paid 250 dollars for the goat and it sold for 650 dollars.

Lemm proud of all her hard. It was no easy task.

This was her first year showing and selling a goat

"There was a lot of work involved in getting her ready. A lot of it was just training and getting her to setup and getting her to no like move her feet when I am trying to set her up. Then clipping before the fair, washing her, getting her tattoo on her tail," Lemm said.

Several community members came to the auction, giving back and bidding to help students like Lemm.

"These kids work so hard. They are very responsible. We look at them as great role models for our kids in the community and also the fact they might want to come work for Les Schwab someday," said Sanger Les Schwab store manager, Adam Gregory.

And students hope to see dozens of buyers each year.

"I'm just so grateful for that and I know a lot of the other 4-H and FFA they are very grateful for it too," Lemm said.

This weekend's auction was for the small animals.

Next week buyers can bid on the larger livestock.
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