Donations for local food banks tapering off as demand remains

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Tis the season for giving and local food banks from Fresno to Madera say this is the time of year they rely on big donations to carry them through much of the upcoming year.

"We're feeding 280,000 individuals every single month-- 100,000 of which are kids right here in our community," said Kym Dildine, Community Food Bank.

With a need that great the Community Food Bank in Fresno has a goal to raise $70,000 this week to help cover costs for 2017.

"This time of year funds the rest of the season. Right after the holiday we go into our lean season. The farmers aren't harvesting as much and people kind of have a lull after the holidays," said Dildine.

The Madera County Food Bank feeds about 35,000 people a month.

"Produce is down but we've started to gain new donors and also donors that we've had in the past have started to recognize that we need produce through the slow months too," said Ryan McWherter, Madera County Food Bank.

That's why it is so important for our local food banks to collect as much as possible before January.

A strong December of donations can help keep shelves full and prevent families from going hungry even in the lean months that food banks see at the beginning of every year.

"We're dealing with people in a situation they're asking themselves, 'hey are we going to pay our PG&E bill, or are we going to pay for food,' these are people who may have three kids in their families," said McWherter.

As 2017 approaches local food banks are seeing the demand for food and donations increase.
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