Families celebrate Easter tradition with colorful confetti-filled eggs

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Saturday, April 8, 2023
Families celebrate Easter tradition with colorful confetti-filled eggs
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Colorful confetti-filled eggshells, also known as 'cascarones,' have been popular in Hispanic culture for decades.

TULARE COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- Colorful confetti-filled eggshells or "cascarones" filled the space earlier this week at Las Comadres Lopez restaurant in Cutler.

Rosanna Lopez and her family have been making cascarones for over five years.

The tradition of breaking the cascaron on someone's head has been popular in Hispanic cultures for decades.

The confetti may be a bit messy, but it makes for a fun and colorful experience.

"I am very happy for the kids. To see them excited. They see them and want to break them to see what's inside," said Lopez.

The process of making the confetti-filled shells takes all year.

Each time Rosana makes an egg, she pokes a hole at the top instead of cracking them.

She then rinses and saves the eggshell for her project.

Right before Easter, she dyes the eggshells, fills them with confetti, and covers the top with tissue paper.

Last year, she made about 13 cartons of cascarons.

Due to inflation, that number looks different this year.

"I said this year we won't have many because the price of eggs went up. So now we only have about 10 cartons," said

Her cost has also increased by $2. She now sells them for $8 a carton.

She says that she mostly sells them to her family and friends.

Lopez says it's a long process for a short moment.

However, the memories, including surprised faces when someone gets a cascaron cracked on their head, last forever.

"It's nice, each year is different. Thanking God that we are all together to celebrate," Lopez said.

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