Clovis West grad authors kids book about social distancing

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Clovis West graduate is finding new ways to help kids make sense of these difficult times.

Dr. Ben Lindquist says explaining COVID-19 to his two-year-old daughter wasn't easy.

"It's hard to grasp why all of sudden we're washing our hands so frequently, we can't share food," said Emergency Physician Dr. Ben Lindquist.

It was especially difficult when she wanted to see her grandparents.

"It was very challenging at first," said Dr. Lindquist. "She's so used to running up and hugging them, spending time with them."

He wrote it out on paper, using rhymes and pictures, authoring the children's book "I Love You When You're Close and When You're Far Away".

Dr. Lindquist has not only experienced the changes COVID-19 has on families. As an emergency physician at Stanford, he's witnessed the impact on our hospitals.

"My entire practice has changed," said Lindquist. "The way we arrive at the hospital is different."

To help protect fellow healthcare workers now and into the future, all proceeds from the book will go toward providing medical professionals with personal protective equipment.

"I have colleagues, friends across the country, other countries who are really struggling with adequate protection," said Lindquist.

You can purchase the children's book on amazon.
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