Man who tested positive for coronavirus says he didn't show common symptoms

HOUSTON, Texas -- A 57-year-old man who tested positive for COVID-19 says he didn't have a lot of symptoms, and now, he's concerned others may have the virus but not know.

"I've been fine ever since last Thursday," Juan Herold said.

Herold said it all started in March when he returned from a ski trip. Soon after, he said he wasn't feeling well.

"It was an onset of a headache and nausea," Herold said.

He went to the emergency room and was diagnosed with a common cold.

"They said it was a viral respiratory infection which is also known as a cold," Herold said.

He told ABC13 when medical personnel took his temperature, he didn't have a fever or cough.
A fever and cough are the main symptoms that the CDC says are often associated with COVID-19.

The next day, one of Herold's friends from the ski trip called and said he tested positive for the virus. Herold then immediately started calling around to get tested.

"Nobody had any answers for me. So that was the frustrating part," Herold said.

Thanks to his primary care doctor, he was able to get tested. He says it took about one week to get his test results back.

Herold wants others to know that he had the virus without showing any of the symptoms.
Dr. Umair Shah with Harris County Public Health says fever and cough are key indicators, but he cautions this.

"Medicine is not 100%. It's never 100 through zero. There are gradations. We have to give as much information as we have," said Dr. Shah.

He also said that some have shown a gastrointestinal symptom. He cautions everyone to self-evaluate and call your doctor if you're concerned.
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