World Ag Expo organizers taking extra precautions with Coronavirus outbreak

TULARE, Calif. (KFSN) -- The World Ag Expo is just days away from hosting thousands of visitors from all over the world to Tulare County.

But with concerns over the new coronavirus outbreak, organizers are taking some extra precautions.

"Health and safety of anyone coming to the show is always our top priority," says Jennifer Fawkes.

Fawkes says they're working with federal and local agencies to stay up to date on the deadly virus while adding more facilities for folks to use and protect themselves.

"We're going to be adding more hand washing and hand sanitizing stations," Fawkes said. "If anything changes, we will go forward with new plans if available."

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states this particular strain of coronavirus seems to have originated in China; however, there's been two confirmed cases in California.

Fawkes says many of the people attending fly from out of the county, including China.

"So far this year on record, we have seven companies exhibiting with Chinese addresses, and 20 folks who requested an invitation," Fawkes said. "We're working with agencies and determine the travel status of those folks."

The expo is also working closely with Kaweah Delta Medical Center and The Tulare County Public health department to make sure they're up to date on any precautions they need to take to ensure their guests stay healthy.

Along with the health aspect, organizers say they're also taking extra safety precautions.

One of those will be having metal detectors at all of their entrances.
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