Business owners trying to figure out options after Gov. Newsom rolls back reopening of California

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Three months of frustration and financial struggles ended June 12 for hairstylists, bars, and gyms.

A resurgence of the coronavirus prompted the governor to shut down bars again a couple of weeks ago, and now it's most indoor businesses, including hair salons and gyms.

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"We've barely been back to work for a month since we were able to reopen and now we have to close again," says Hailey Tipton with Harvey's Barber-Salon.

Tipton still hasn't gotten the money the state should've paid her for unemployment during the last shutdown.

She's hoping the state Employment Development Department is better prepared for a new influx of unemployed people like her.

But not every salon owner is planning to shut down in light of the new order.

Lisa Bowles, who owns New Nail Creations, sees two possible paths.

"Either I'm not closing and I'll take the hit or I'll bring it outside."

Bowles is getting her chairs ready for the outdoors.

She says she knows acrylic nails will work just fine outside and she's been thinking about how to do the rest of her work outside too - even hair.

"If I'm going to do color, if I'm going to do highlights, I know what to do. I've already been looking at it. How do I bring the water out here? How do I rinse their hair? How do I cut? How do I blow dry?" she says.

The governor's order takes effect immediately, but there's still some confusion about what exactly it means.

GB3 management told Action News they're planning to close again as soon as they lock the doors on Monday night, but they're still checking to see if they have any other options.
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