State testing sites in Tulare County start taking appointments

DINUBA, Calif. (KFSN) -- Tulare County will be ramping up its COVID-19 testing capacity in the weeks to come, thanks to two new state collection sites.

They are located at the Dinuba Veterans Memorial Building and the Porterville Veterans Memorial Building.

An appointment is required, and you can make one online here.

You'll need an authorization number when you arrive.

"They're going to be driving by the nurse, and she will put a swab into their nose, so it just takes a few seconds actually," said Cindy Boyd with Logistics Health Incorporated.

The Dinuba site is already taking appointments. The second site, located at the Porterville Veterans Memorial Building, will start taking appointments on Tuesday morning.
Both are run by Logistics Health Incorporated, part of OptumServe, the company chosen by the state to open 80 new testing sites in rural and urban areas.

Tulare County's Public Health Department is also providing resources to the two South Valley locations.

"Tulare County was identified as a county that needed additional testing in order for us to try to make sure that we have adequate testing for all of the residents in Tulare County, in order to start looking at opening up our state," Tulare County Public Health Emergency Manager Annette Burgos said.

The sites will be open Tuesday through Friday. Organizers say the goal is to collect specimens from 132 people per day.
Those specimens will be sent to a lab for testing, and results will be posted online within 48 hours.

Jerry Carter manages the memorial building. He says he might make an appointment to get tested, and adds that his board members didn't hesitate to say yes when asked to host a new testing site.

"We always try to be available for anything that goes on in the city or any public events and stuff and make ourselves available," Carter said

Those who would like to get tested but do not have internet access can call 1-888-634-1123.

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