Correctional officer testifies in court against man accused of shooting at random cars

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The man accused of shooting several random cars late last year and early 2018 is facing mounting evidence against him.

Police say Jorge Gracia terrorized motorists during a two-month stretch that saw him hit at least seven vehicles. All on the west side of Fresno and Madera counties.

He was arrested in January after an off-duty correctional officer said Garcia pointed a gun at him upon leaving the Kerman Walmart.

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"I seen the window come down and I seen a gun come out. I seen it come out like this," said Correctional Officer Hector Villarreal.

According to the witness, the confrontation happened while the two were traveling side by side on Highway 180.

The incident occurred in the evening but the correctional officer testified that he got a clear view of the suspect and his weapon

Could you see anything of the driver at that point?

"I was able to take a semi glance at his face," said Villarreal.

"I was able to identify a black semi-automatic handgun," said Villarreal.

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The confrontation continued into a nearby gas station parking lot -- Where the correctional officer called 911

"You guys got to come out to the Kerman Fastrip. There's a person in a black truck with a gun on him. I'm a peace officer. I got my gun on me and badge in case you guys need to see it," said Villareal.

When deputies arrested Gracia they recovered a pistol. Testing revealed the same gun fired all of the recovered bullets in the case.
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