Old Town Cottage Home program taking shape in Clovis

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Tiny homes or cottages could be popping up in Old Town Clovis.

The dirt lot in Clovis may not look like much, but soon it could be one of Old Town's newest cottages.

"They're curious on how it's going to work out," property owner Pam Bethel explained. "But they keep laughing that we'll just keep living in it, and rent the main house out after we get it built because it will be brand new."

Bethel is one of the first property owners taking advantage of Clovis' Cottage Program to put homes on properties next to alleys.

"The intent is to try to encourage revitalization of our alleys, to encourage housing stock out there, provide some architecture and create little neighborhoods along our little alleys in Old Town," said Dwight Kroll, who is Clovis' director of planning and development.

Kroll with the city of Clovis says they're hoping to clean up alleyways with second small homes.

"Some people look at them at tiny homes, and we look at them as homes," he said.

The homes will have a concrete foundation unlike other tiny homes, which you can move. The city developed three plans, which are free for property owners and are a major cost saving.

The city believes, on average, it could cost about $50,000 for a cottage, but Bethel says she will be involved in the building process.

"I'm hoping to curb it down to $25,000," she said. "I'm hoping. It might be a dream, but I'm hoping."

Once built, she plans to rent it out to others and thinks you can live large in a small space.

"If you need more room just open the door and go outside," she said.

Bethel is saving up for now but believes her tiny cottage could come in a year. Three plans under the Old Town Cottage Home Program will be available to the public in August.

City leaders are excited to see those cottages take shape.
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