Councilmember calling for extra security measures at City Hall

Security has been beefed up at City Hall with the presence of Fresno Police officers and security guards.

Visitors must now step through metal detectors at a single point of entry.

Councilmember Garry Bredefeld doesn't think the safety measures offer enough protection.

"It's clearly not enough because the building is an illusion that it's secure," Bredefeld said. "We have other exits that are not manned by law enforcement."

Weapons of any kind are among the prohibited items at the checkpoint.

Bredefeld believes a gun ban at City Hall would violate the Second Amendment -- the right to bear arms.

"Nobody is taking away Second Amendment rights, but Second Amendment rights come with restrictions," says Mayor Lee Brand. "You can't take your gun to the airport. You can't take your gun to school."

Brand says he has an obligation to keep employees and visitors safe. He believes the move is in line with the stepped-up security now in place.

"This is basically now a gun-free zone that he's created, and we know maniacs are attracted to gun-free zones," Bredefeld said.

Both Brand and Bredefeld hold CCW permits, but disagree over whether citizens should be able to bring their weapons into City Hall.

"I put my faith in Chief Andy Hall and asked him what we should do on the CCW," Brand said. "He said it would be safer and better if they didn't come through here."

Bredefeld is literally sticking to his guns on this issue.

"If you disarm law-abiding citizens, all you do is make the city and this building more unsafe," Bredefeld said.

A lively discussion over guns is expected to precede the council vote on the City Hall ordinance.
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