Fresno man gets call giving wrong date for COVID vaccine appointment

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Keith Brown says it was a call he didn't expect, but is lucky he could understand.

He's been waiting to hear back from the Fresno County public health department about his next appointment for a second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

He got the call on Thursday, but in Spanish, it told him he wouldn't be receiving his next dose for several months.

"It said dos de Junio, which is the second of June, when I was told it would be Feb 3rd," he says.

On Friday, Fresno County public health officials confirmed they've been notified about the call notification, and identified the issue, adding that patients should continue to follow the second dose schedule posted on the vaccine webpage.

Brown, however, says while getting the vaccination was quick and easy, getting more information about a second dose is a challenge.

"A person who's 75 in my cohort should require computer literacy, Spanish fluency, and the ability to be persistent to get the COVID vaccination, which is a life-and-death matter," he says.

Iterim health officer for the county, Dr. Rais Vohra, says the department's communication team is working on where people can get registered for vaccinations.

He says he knows there have been issues, and he's hoping the state's new partnership with Blue Shield insurance to lead the vaccine rollout will mean more resources, such as IT support.

"I wish we had a better system. I know that it's frustrating for those who are trying to reach out. We're committed to not leave people behind. We know that people are anxious because they have had their first dose. They don't know where to get their second dose," he says.

Vohra also says they've started booking second dose appointments for patients as they're being observed for the first dose.

Meanwhile, Brown says he finally has the right information for his next dose, which is next week.
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