Fresno date night box sees big demand

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Cards and activities are being packed into date night boxes that will be sent around the country and world.

The Fresno-based company has seen a big demand this past year.

"People were really needing something to do with their significant others to reconnect, so the lockdown really helped us. We saw a 300-400 percent growth in 2020," said Tyler Turk, Crated with Love C.E.O. & Founder.

Crated with Love is a date night subscription box company.

Founder Tyler Turk is a Fresno State grad who started the idea in 2014.

This past year also brought a request from a major corporation.

"It was an amazing adventure and experience, and we got to help Disney+ with the release of their new Star Wars series, 'The Bad Batch," Turk said.

Crated with Love created hundreds of watch boxes for our parent company Disney, as they launched the new show.

They were sent to celebrities and influencers.
"Being able to represent the Valley with a company as big as Disney was very humbling and honestly, the word that comes to mind is just cool. It was really cool to work with them," Turk said.

In addition to this special project, they've been able to sell their unique date boxes and work on new ideas.

Turk says doing business this past year has been full of lessons.

"What 2020 taught me was I don't know what's next. Being able to adapt and change was so important, kind of a theme for us in 2020. Now we've gotten this opportunity for us to help couples realize there's an option to reconnect different than the traditional date night and that feels really good," Turk said.

A Valley small business creating connections, wherever their boxes go.

Crated with Love has actually doubled the amount of employees in the last year. They're looking forward to future projects and reaching subscribers around the world.
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