'Crazy Go Nuts' for this Fowler nut business

FOWLER, Calif. (KFSN) -- The rich and fragrant aroma of buffalo wing sauce and spices are intoxicating inside this Fowler facility as workers make flavored buffalo walnuts.

"It's like a chicken wing, but minus the bird part. That's sort of how the recipe came about. i love chicken wings," said David Wolfe, Crazy Go Nuts Co-founder and CEO.

The business that makes flavored walnuts and walnut butters. They have several varieties from oatmeal cookie to original or boring.

"Whether they are sweet or savory will affect the route they take in the facility. The savory ones we mix up all the flavors and then we put them through the oven for a little while and then on our packaging line they get packed," Wolfe said.

Employees are a part of the process from start to finish.

Wolfe and his girlfriend Courtney Carini started the business as a hobby after her dad gave her a large amount of walnuts from his Northern California property.

"I thought I'll just spin this around and make a bunch of different flavors and it turned out really great. We started doing farmers markets and I thought it was just going to be on the weekends and then it just kind of exploded," said Courtney Carini, Crazy Go Nuts co-founder & CMO.

The couple moved their business from LA to Fowler after creating a partnership with nut company, Poindexter.

They landed a spot on QVC and sold out of walnuts their first time on air.

"It's an awesome opportunity. QVC has given us the opportunity to reach audiences across the country," Carini said

Courtney will be back October 24th with their holiday flavors: chocolate peppermint, pumpkin spice and eggnog.

Preorders are being taken now.

You can find them online at select TJ Maxx and Home Good stores, but the company has big plans for their nutty business.

"There's household names of peanuts and there's household names of almonds and pistachios and everybody knows who those companies are and when people think of walnuts, we want them to think of Crazy Go Nuts," Wolfe said.

They say the Valley has helped propel their company and each employee is playing a role in their growth.

You can enjoy their flavored walnuts locally at save mart or Poindexter country store in Selma. It's a nutty twist on a locally grown product that's having success around the country.
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