Creek Fire: Experts urging community to stay inside due to poor air quality

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- You don't have to be an expert to know our air quality is bad right now. A quick peek outside shows gray hazy skies -- not to mention tiny pieces of ash swirling all around us.

"Of course we're concerned about the air quality because of these particulates you breathe in," said Zepyur Gasparyan of Fresno.

Experts warn that smoke from the Creek Fire has engulfed the Valley and it could be days or weeks before we see clear blue skies again.

Doctors will tell you now is the time to stay indoors as much as possible.

"The air quality is really unhealthy right now. This is not a time to be outdoors exerting yourself outdoors," said Dr. John Gasman.

Wildfires across the state -- including the Creek Fire -- are blowing thick smoke and ash into the area causing hazardous air quality.

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Dr. John Gasman of Kaiser says exposure to the smoky sky could bring on a number of health issues, including burning eyes, scratchy throats and headaches.

"Many, many people have short-term consequences in the hours, days and weeks living with this air quality," said Dr. Gasman.

Officials with the Valley Air Pollution Control District recommend closing your windows and turning on your AC.

This will create a clean air space inside your home, and don't forget to change your system's air filter regularly.

They can get filthy rather quickly during a wildfire.

"The microscopic form, once it builds up, it really does settle into your respiratory system and that's what's playing havoc in your body. To think that's what you find on those filters. So change that filter in your home and check the one in your car too," said Heather Heinks with the Air Pollution Control District.

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