Fresno Fairgrounds housing over 400 animals displaced by the Creek Fire

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Staff at the Fresno Fairgrounds are working around the clock to care for hundreds of animals displaced by the Creek Fire. In fact, there's a set schedule these days at the Fresno Fairgrounds.

"They're getting fed at 8 am and we feed at 5 pm," said Asst. Ag Commissioner Rusty Lantsberger. "The animals that we can, we're getting them out and walking them around, getting some exercise in them."

After all, it's not easy feeding, cleaning and caring for hundreds of animals, big and small.

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"Making sure they're healthy each day and they're managed," explained Lantsberger. "We have a vet on standby, if they need anything."

Staff say the long days and extra hours are worth it, as long as evacuees know their animals are being cared for.

"We just want people to know if their animals are here, they're being looked at all day long," added Lantsberger. "We're making sure they have been fed and water and are safe."

Over 550 animals are temporarily calling the Fairgrounds home, but staff say they're still only 5% full.

"Our doors are open," said Lantsberger. "We have staff set up here."

Right now, the priority is making sure all animal evacuation sites have the resources they need.

"We're kind of trying to supply them as well, because everyone seems to have come here," added Lantsberger. "We have storage, we have security, just trying to make sure everything is tracked and gets out as needed."

The Fresno Fairgrounds is accepting food and cash donations for the animal care. To donate or get details on volunteering visit the Central California Animal Disaster Team Website.

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