Creek Fire: Clovis Rodeo Grounds at capacity after taking in 150 evacuated animals

It takes a lot of supplies to feed and care for a full house of animals, so they're welcoming donations.
CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- As more animals are displaced by the Creek Fire, one evacuation center has reached its limit.

It took just days for the Clovis Rodeo grounds to reach capacity.

"We filled up pretty quickly a couple of nights ago, we have approximately 150-160 animals," said shelter manager Leslie Harris.

Now they're focused on getting organized.

"We're mapping every one of the stalls and labeling them and making sure we can identify the animals," said Harris.

They're now re-directing evacuees to the Fresno Fairgrounds or to local families that have volunteered their properties.

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"We do have some names of people, you may need to bring hay to them or feed that they eat."

In the meantime, it takes a lot of supplies to feed and care for a full house at the Clovis Rodeo grounds, so they say they'll take any donations the public can spare.

"What this does is it helps us get the supplies we're in desperate need of then. When this whole ordeal is over with, we're able to replenish the supplies we've used," said Harris.

You can donate at the Central California Animal Disaster Team's website.

"You're not only helping the animals, you're also helping the evacuees cuz they dont know if their home is still there or not and it's one less thing that they have to deal with," said Harris.
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