Creek Fire: Madera County historic home, once visited by Ronald Reagan, now under threat

MADERA COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- Several miles up Beasore Road near Muglar Meadow, a family's past, present and hopefully their future still stands in Madera County.

Julianna Spadier and her daughter Demi Schmiederer are helpless as the destructive Creek Fire burns near their special place.

"It is literally a piece of our history that is at stake," said Schmiederer.

Cabins are sprinkled throughout the property that has been in their family for 40 years.

Spadier's parents shared so many memories here.

It was their escape from the city, their summer home and so much more.

"This property means a lot to them so being that my father has passed away for mom it's another loss," said Spadier.

It's irreplaceable.

But the place they love so much suffers from high tree mortality.

Bark beetles have plagued the forest killing thousands of trees in the area.

"It has honestly turned our area into a tinder box," said Schmiederer.

It's a major concern for firefighters especially along the northern portion of the fire.

"All those trees that have died many years ago are now dry and seasoned and they are ready to burn," said Michael Davis, Creek Fire spokesman.

As a protective measure some historic homes are now being wrapped in a special aluminum.

Meanwhile the family's beloved place is being preserved through this little book.

It details their community's history.

"All that was on the property were the corrals for the animals and stock and a tack house to hold all of their supplies," said Schmiederer.

Their property was first used as a mule loading station back in the mid 1900's.

Founder Johnny Jones created it after constructing the historic Jones' store which is still there all these years later.

Then governor Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy visited the community.

Even if Julianna and Demi's property doesn't make it the precious memories made there will live on through them.
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