Creek Fire: Teams of fellers and loggers work on trees that pose threat

As flames ravage the Sierra National Forest, the trees along steep rugged terrain pose an imminent threat to crews on the ground.

John Hagins, owner of Skylake Tree Service says, "We go in there, take all the dangerous snags, so no one gets hit by them, killed by them or hurt by them.'

The teams of fellers and loggers, contracted by CAL FIRE, also strengthen containment efforts.

Hagins says they put the "dangerous fuels, dead trees, burned trees on the ground so they don't throw embers over lines and create spot fires."

From determining wind direction and speed to cutting at an exact angle, Hagins says precision is key. "If you don't put it where you want it to go, people will die," he said.

That same effort also enables families to return to burn areas.

Though many are sifting through what's left of their homes.

"We're just trying to make it safe for the public to come in," says Auberry native Matt Kaiser. The foreman for Light on the Land says he's spent 20 years with the logging company, creating fuel breaks, but has never seen anything like this.

He adds "It was devastating seeing everyone's homes devastation a lot of trees."

Kaiser says he's thankful flames spared his home, but their crews are working twice as hard to bring those that can't say the same one last look at what they called home.
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