Crime in the Tower District: Police say it's gone down, but business owners disagree

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno Police say they're seeing less crime happening in the Tower district.

They say a lot of that decrease in crime has to do with increasing the number of patrols, more bicycle police, and a new satellite station.

Police Chief Jerry Dyer says they've been able to slowly increase the number of bicycle patrols within the last few years, and most recently, bring back a satellite station to the Tower district.

"The more presence we have with our Tower bike officers, the more safe people feel in the tower district," says Dyer.

Nearby business owners say response times have improved but crime in the area is staying consistent.

Barbara Rogers says Dyer's words are surprising to hear, considering she was recently the victim of a crime herself.

The owner of Hart's Haven bookstore says just this week, a man came in asking for a wrench to fix his bike.

When her employee walked to the back, the man stole a computer from a nearby table.

She also says the shop's been tagged with graffiti and has had the windows broken.

"That's part of being a business owner in the Tower - you come to expect it," says Rogers.

She says crime in the Tower District seems consistent, but has noticed a quicker response from law enforcement.

"They come out within 3 or 4 minutes. They want to take care of it but it's still happening," she says.

Rogers says crimes like these are a big hit to businesses, and hopes she'll notice a more noticeable decrease in crime with a new sub station near her shop.

Police also say the crime numbers can change quickly, and a lot of it has to do with people actually reporting crime.

They ask folks if you are a victim of a crime, to report it immediately.
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