Fresno Police: Crime not on the rise in southwest policing district

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Despite a violent Monday night, police say crime is not on the rise in the southwest policing district.

"We haven't seen a drastic uptick in crime," says Fresno Police Lt. Carl McKnight. "Yesterday was an anomaly."

So far in 2020, Fresno police have responded to five shootings within the southwest district, compared to six at this time last year.

The most recent shooting was on Santa clara and G streets, where three people were shot near the Poverello house.

Police already in the area were able to retrieve the weapon and tail the suspect car before it was abandoned by at least three suspects nearby.

"They detained an individual walking away," McKnight said. "They found some shell casings on that individual."

Less than three hours prior, there were two attempted robberies just a mile away. The first was at the Cricket wireless on Fresno and C street.

A man disguising his face attempted to steal one of the display phones when the store employee took action.

Two miles away at Belmont and Parkway, police were called to a disturbance, but the man involved fits the description of the attempted robber.

"They look at him and say his clothing matches, so we've got an idividual identified that's a possible suspect in that," McKnight said.

They're looking at surveillace video to see if that's their suspect.

Just across the street from Cricket. investigators say a man claimed he was robbed while pumping gas. The victim told police that four men in hooded jackets demanded his cell phone and wallet.

"They began fighting and at one point, an individual got out of the other vehicle and broke his window," McKnight said.

That's what leads police to believe this wasn't random.

"Usually, if someone goes over and does a robbery, they dont smash someone's window," McKnight said.

The suspect car in that attempted robbery was stopped and at least one person was detained.

Police say all three incidents remain under investigation.
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