Local wine grower's label catching the attention of many

FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- It's a face a mother could love, but also wine lovers.

"That's me. I don't want to tell you how old I am, but I was a year old when that picture was taken."

Meet Joe Guerriero, the owner of Cry Baby wine and the face of its infamous label.

From 1953, his picture has been on labels for the family's juice grapes.

His family moved from Italy to the East Coast and then to Fresno County to sell produce. His father had big hopes, which inspired Joe.

"His dream was always to make his own wine and open his own winery. So we took it a step farther and decided to try it and it's working out pretty good," said Guerriero.

Cry Baby has a variety of wines from reds to whites. They use different grapes from the Valley and as far away asNapa to make their wines.

"We do have a new one out that's CabernetSauvignon rose which is very rare but they do it up inNapa and it's Cabernet but in a rose form," said Guerriero.

So what's the secret to a good wine?

"Sugar and dirt. Let's put it that way. If you have good ground, good dirt and good climate. You need cool nights and warm days," said Guerriero.

Joe checks on the grapes in a Fresno County vineyard until they're just perfect.

The label already has some big fans and they're hoping the wine will too.

"The queen of England sent me a letter saying she loved the grapes but she thought the label was cuter, better than the grapes," said Guerriero.

A label people love with a wine that's perfected inside.

You can find the award-winning wine at a variety of places at restaurants likeDiCiccos or at the Market in Fresno. They're also coming to a Save Mart near you.
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