Reef Sunset Middle School teacher arrested on child molestation charges

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Avenal Police said teacher Curt Meyer was arrested at his Fresno home on Friday.

Police said the 65-year-old teacher was arrested on child molestation charges. Police said Meyer also had an illegal assault rifle in his possession.

His neighbors are in disbelief.

"I'm sure it's absolutely humiliating and embarrassing for the family you know my heart really goes out to them. Especially his wife. This is really going to tear her up you know," said Belinda Guerrero, neighbor.

Guerrero has lived across from Meyer for more than two decades. She saw authorities search his home and arrest him. "That was the last thing on my mind -- something to with children. Because I've never seen children over there. Other than maybe he had a grandchild."

Neighbor Burton Bugg says this arrest is unsettling. "Let's let him get a fair trial. With good representation. And bring all the witnesses forward. And if he's not guilty then he's not guilty."

Bugg says he was sexually victimized as a three-year-old and hopes the news isn't true. "No one wants our children damaged. But if he is indeed guilty...fullest extent of the law. Whatever it be whatever it is. "

The Avenal Police Department and the Reef Sunset Unified School District will be holding a joint press conference on Monday to release further details of the investigation.

Meyer was booked in the Kings County Jail on eight counts of lewd and lascivious acts upon a child and a weapons charge. His bail was set at $1,125,000.
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