Clovis Unified enacts new dress codes changes

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Some changes on Clovis Unified's campuses Thursday as some students embrace the new dress code policy. After much debate, the Clovis Unified School District Board approved an update to its dress code policy eliminating specific hair and jewelry requirements for each gender. Instead, there's just one policy that applies to all students.

"The biggest change that maybe someone would see on our campus this morning, is, those boys who maybe remove a stud earring, or an earring when they came onto campus maybe still have that in their ear," said Kelly Avants, Clovis Unified School District.

The district still forbids any body piercings, but since the policy is now gender neutral boys can have long hair. Jonny Tiscareno said he's had his long hair for quite some time now and plans on keeping it for the remainder of his senior year.

"A lot of guys have longer hair now, that's the main thing."

The changes also allow the wearing of athletic shorts as long as they have pockets. Pajamas and slippers are still not allowed.

One student we talked to is happy with the changes and hopes board members will continue to make adjustments.

"It's really good for student. A lot of students-- a lot of guys like to grow out their hair. I think it's really great that they have the freedom to grow out their hair and for piercings. I know a lot of my friends like to pierce their ears and wear piercings so I think that's great. There's equality for both guys and girls it's really good," said Mehrad Shahin, junior.

Most boys said they still want to be able to grow out some facial hair.
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