Cows at the center of California air quality battle

Cows are at the center of new proposed regulations in an effort to reduce methane levels in California.

The California Air Resources Board wants to reduce the amount of methane emissions by 40 percent by the year 2030. It says much of that is created by manure and gas from cows.

Opponents say the efforts are over-regulating the dairy industry.

"It's very serious to us. It's not a laughing matter. When someone tells you to control the uncontrollable or else ... my family has been doing this since 1942. We're proud of what we do. And how we take care of our cows and the environment and we don't feel like people are taking us seriously," said Devin Gioletti, Turlock dairy producer.

Some California dairy farmers are fighting back, launching a social media campaign. They claim the air resources board is overstepping its bounds.
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