Dakota Acres bringing Halloween spirit to your front door

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Dakota Acres started as a labor of love. The Rocca Family's celebration of the Valley's harvest has become a thriving business.

The boutique pumpkin patch offers heirloom pumpkins -- homegrown and now delivered straight to your door.

Owner Kim Rocca had previously delivered pumpkins to clients through her event planning business, but this was a way to deliver smiles during what was a time of isolation for many.

She says, "We decided to take our pumpkins to people's porches to deliver some joy during the pandemic." To see someone else have excitement for something we've grown that our family and our kids, who are five and three, poke the holes and plant the seeds is really fun to see that come to fruition."

In addition to custom porch decor, drops-offs feature 20 pumpkins that vary in size and color.

Some of the most popular items are the harvest box and the bushel baskets, but if you want them delivered by Halloween, you're going to want to order soon.

Rocca says "They are similar to a floral delivery if you would send someone flowers during this season. These just last a lot longer and you don't have to water them."

This year, Dakota Acres added private events to their list of services.

"Companies can come rent out the patch, that way everyone knows each other. They're socially distant but it's also not open to the public, so it creates an exclusive opportunity for companies to say thank you to their employees for the fall season," says Rocca.

To order, visit their website.
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