Delhi Unified School District uses drones for additional security

DELHI, Calif. (KFSN) -- A local school district is taking campus safety to new heights. A drone buzzing by the classroom is now a familiar sight to Delhi Unified students.

"With all the things that are going on right now around the country, school shootings and all that stuff we want to make sure the whole campus is safe," said District Safety Officer Ricardo Lemus.

After having issues with vandalism and students ditching class, the staff decided they needed some extra sets of eyes.

"We had so many kids just especially during lunchtime walk out through this parking lot or just hop in their car and take off," explained Lemus. "Now that we've had the drones working they stay inside."

The district added three drones to the staff this summer. District Safety Officers were trained on how to use them right away. They're equipped with high-resolution cameras which can take both pictures and video.

"The drones provided an ability for us to supervise large amounts of geographic areas absent of us having foot traffic or the need to have a specific person in remote places," said Associate Principal Christian Miley. "One of the really amazing things is the deterrent level that it has created just by virtue of hearing it."

It's already proved effective, allowing them to monitor who goes in and out and get a head start if there is an incident.

"I think the transition really became initially 'it's watching us' then over a short amount of time it became 'it's watching out for us," said Miley.

The drones were financed by state LCAP funds.
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