Desperate for an arrest, Valley family finds purpose in daughter's death

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91 days after a young mother's death in a hit and run crash, her family desperately wants justice and they're making a plea for help. (KFSN)

Ninety-one days after a young mother's death in a hit and run crash, her family desperately wants justice and they're making a plea for help.

"The CHP - I know they're doing as much as they can, but we need more," said the victim's father, Robert Ramos, who is also finding meaning in his family's grief.

The man suspected of crashing into Brittany Ramos-Ibarra disappeared into the night on November 1 and even though the CHP got a warrant to arrest him, they haven't caught him.

Her parents have a hard time talking about it without crying, but they've found one very important outlet. The crash was so gruesome, CHP officers told Brittany's parents not to even look at her body.

They saw the crushed car and her scattered belongings and started to put together the puzzle of her death. But three months later, it's an incomplete picture.

"I guess with the justice system, they will put the rest of the puzzle together, but we're missing a piece right now so it's hard to go forward and finish the puzzle and it's hard," said Ramos. "It's hard."

Investigators found Luis Osejo's BMW on the highway and they believe he rammed Brittany's car from behind.

The 33-year-old is a familiar face in the South Valley. He won a $1 million prize in the lottery six years ago in Dinuba and he's well known in Visalia too.

But despite his recognizable face, CHP officers haven't caught him yet. Investigators don't think Osejo has left the country and they suspect people may be helping him hide.

"We need to keep the pressure on and we need to keep the word out there that Mr. Osejo should turn himself in, whether or not he was driving the vehicle," said Butch Wagner, an attorney for the Ramos family.

Robert Ramos says Osejo needs to man up and turn himself in. He wants to face the suspect and get closure. But he's also turning his grief into a positive.

When another South Valley family lost a father in a hit and run crash on Christmas night, he reached out to comfort them and lead them towards the help they'd need.

"Brittany's death, I could use it to help another family," Ramos said. "So, it kind of felt good and it served a purpose why she died to me."

The CHP submitted a felony hit and run case to the Tulare County DA's office. Prosecutors say they're reviewing it now and once they file a case, investigators can get U.S. marshals involved in the search for Osejo.
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