Changes at DeWolf High School inspire students in the classroom

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Some changes at a Fresno Unified specialty high school are giving students a newfound passion for learning.

You may not recognize the DeWolf High School Campus this semester. In fact, many returning students alike didn't recognize it themselves.

"My first day of school felt different," said senior Elizabeth Garcia. "You could feel the change in the school environment and how people were."

They tell Action News that last semester, the environment was wasn't the same.

"It was just grey and dark the whole time," said senior Ivan Fierro. "This semester is more alive."

It's Principal Rachael Maciels first semester at Dewolf, and she noticed the school needed changes right away.

"There was no clear signage that said this is Dewolf High School," said Principal Rachael Maciel. "There was very little seating areas."

She set straight to work! Over the past six months, they've added new patio furniture, installed a new sign out front, and added new flags.

They've also started several new clubs and sports teams on campus, and students say the changes gave them more motivation in the classroom.

"When all these changes came I was like now I want to do my work, now I want to be here every day," added Garcia.

"It's more of a family," added Fierro. "Now it's more than just a school. You come here to learn with people you love and care about."

DeWolf says it's just the start, and they're already setting goals for the future.

"To continue to push ourselves to look at every single kid and build a schedule and program that will work for them individually because it's about every single student," added Maciel.

Staff says they hope to start work on the cafeteria next semester. The changes were largely site funded and the new furniture paid for by Fresno Unified Facilities.
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