Fresno students graduating on time at DeWolf High despite school closures

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Amid school closures, DeWolf High School in Fresno is helping its students graduate on time.

"Our teachers said, 'We're not going to drop these kids, we're going to keep pushing for our seniors,'" said school principal, Rachael Maciel. "They're using Zoom. The teachers have created alternative assignments for kids."

The alternative high school graduates students year-round. They say four students have already received diplomas since they closed their doors. They have another four set to graduate this week.

"Teachers are making personal phone calls, emails, skyping," Maciel said. "We've got stuff online. There's this huge push to support our kids."

Zane Salyer is set to graduate in May and says when the school first closed their doors, he wasn't sure what the future held.

"I didn't know what we were doing or what the plan was, and then I just logged in one day, and we had messages from our teachers," he said.

Now he's keeping up on his studies from home and once he's finished plans to attend trade school and pursue a career in welding.

"Just putting in the work, making sure you're getting it done, adding classes and finalizing deadlines," Salyer added.

The school has even created graduation certificates they mail home.

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