One etiquette coach now teaching digital etiquette

When you think about learning proper etiquette you may think of the classic skills like how to eat, set the table, or introduce yourself. But one etiquette coach feels young people, and even adults, should learn about tech etiquette.

Stacy Lard created the How-2-Lady Workshop with her friends. They are giving their class a modern twist that women in the past may not have needed to learn.

"They didn't have to deal with the technology of today, and so in today's society you have to address not only how to sit, stand and walk and how to eat and how to set a table, but also when to put your phone away and when to not get upset and post something on social media."

Brigette Bulleigh is already using some of the skills she's learning.

"Now my friends and I will say, like, if we catch one of us on our phones we'll be like, 'hey, you're here but you're not present. So you need to put that away and have some fun.'"

And life lessons Bulleigh will remember forever, but also recommend to others her age.

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