President George H.W. Bush reminisces on signing Disabilities Act 1990

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Tuesday, December 4, 2018
Pres. George HW Bush signed Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990
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VIDEO DIARY: Pres. George HW Bush signed the historic Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990

The Bush Foundation continues releasing snips of the series reflecting President George H.W. Bush's life, and the latest one reminisces on the Disabilities Act he signed in 1990.

Known as the nation's first comprehensive civil rights law addressing the needs of people, it also prevents discrimination in employment, public services, public accommodations and telecommunications.

The act was signed on July 26, 1990. It's a day Bush recalls in his video as a "special day for many," including himself.

"Let the shameful wall of exclusion finally come tumbling down," Bush said.

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