Driving school scams Clovis family, warning for parents

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Getting a driver's license is a significant milestone in any teenager's life. But one Clovis family says the process turned out to be a nightmare.

"When I first called and heard a special cash price if you come today. I got a weird feeling which I should've trusted," said Sandra Orozco.

She says Central California driving school scammed her out of $220.

"It's just heartbreaking so disappointing," said Orozco.

Sandra paid for three driver training sessions but her daughter only completed two. When they went back for the final session they found an empty building with an eviction notice on the door.

"You have teenagers excited to get their license some of them need it to drive to school or drive to work and for them to be left out in the cold like this," said Orozco.

A rival company, Traffic Depot stepped up by offering discounted rates to former Central California Driving School customers.

Owner Jon Lanier says they have received an influx of well over 100 new students who say they were also scammed.

"It's crazy. It's about 40 percent increase in our business and we've had to add a couple more cars to our fleet and now we're mornings and nights now," said Lanier.

DMV records show Central California Driving School has moved at least three times in recent years.

Action News went to their latest address in northeast Fresno but found a locked door with instructions to call them.

"We're filing a complaint with DMV and hopefully we'll be able to get some of our money back if not the whole thing," said Orozco.

Throughout all this, Orozco's daughter is expected to get her license next week.
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