Woman and her dog recovering after being attacked by a pit bull in East Central Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Cara Emes said it all happened so fast and before she knew it, she said a pit bull was running full speed at her and her four-year-old Cocker Spaniel mix, Gus.

They were on a walk, like they do every morning. Emes said the pit bull latched onto Gus' throat, throwing him to the ground.

"My dog is screaming, I was screaming for help just for anybody, there weren't any neighbors around."

Emes managed to grab Gus and run across the street, where she continued to scream for help. She was banging on a house's door when she said the dog attacked again.

"I'm holding my dog, but the dog just jumped up, got my dog by the throat, and took Gus down to the ground again and so again we're all three on the ground, struggling. I'm just doing everything I can just trying to get this dog cause I thought to myself, I really had the thought, like I'm watching my dog is going to die in this moment, and I couldn't stop it."

That's when Fresno County Sheriff's Detective Jeff Stricker stepped in. He was on his way to work when he heard Emes' screams, and saw her and Gus being attacked.

"I was telling everyone to get away, because my first intention was I don't know if this dog's attacking her or what and if I need to put the dog down, I need to put the dog down."

Stricker, relying on his experience as a K-9 handler, didn't have to shoot the dog. He said he twisted and pulled on the pit bull's neck until it stopped. Another neighbor also helped restrain the dog until Fresno Police arrived.

"And I'm just extremely grateful that that person was there from the Sheriff's Department, and that also somebody did finally come out of their home to help as well, because we were not doing well on our own, we needed help," said Emes.

"It's what we sign up to do, it's our job, and it was an opportunity to help someone and that's what I did," said Stricker.

Emes is unsure when her walks with Gus will resume, but when she's ready, detective Stricker said he'll join her-- with his dog too.

The pit bull is currently being held at the CCSPCA and they said it will be placed on the stray quarantine hold for 10 days, and then most likely euthanized.

Emes said Gus' surgery went well, and that they will be picking him up from the vet at 6:00 Wednesday night.
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