How you can keep Fido cool this summer

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A heat wave is hitting the Central Valley and a few Valley dogs are making the most of it as they splash and frolic in the water.

This is only one of the many ways Devon Prendergast with the Valley Animal Center said you can keep your pet cool, calm and collected through these triple-digit temperatures. For outdoor pets make sure they have plenty of shade and cool drinking water.

"Once it gets extremely hot outside, if you have the access to give them indoor and outdoor access it is definitely preferred."

You can also try getting them a kiddie pool to cool off in. Dale Sano's dog Yeager isn't too fond of the water, so when it gets too hot he uses a simpler method.

"He pretty much stays inside during the afternoon hours, he loves the tile, stretches out on the tile, that is pretty much how he keeps cool."

Prendergast said cars can be a death trap for your pet and can get up to 40 degrees hotter than outside. You also want to watch where they step.

"The asphalt is a huge deal for your pets and their paws with the safety of their paws cracking, blistering, and that asphalt can be anywhere from 65 to 75 degrees hotter than outside."

You can use the five-second rule-- if you can't keep your hand on the asphalt for more than five seconds, that means it's too hot. Fleas and ticks can also be a problem.

Prendergast said, "With the hot environment these fleas and tics are also trying to get to the cooler more damp area which is where your dogs may be going or cats may be going."
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