Steady downpour causes hubcap high flooding in parts of Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The steady downpour caused sporadic hubcap high flooding for parts of Fresno while complicating the drive for a number of motorists Wednesday.

As crew members worked to clear leaves and debris from storm drains across the city

"We're getting a significant amount of rainfall at the same time where we're also getting a significant amount of leaf fall," said Mark Standriff, City of Fresno.

Officials say the city of Fresno is constantly doing storm prep but when certain areas need special attention during storms -- crews are mobilized.

We found city workers raking leaves and get rid of buildup near drains in Downtown

Every once in awhile we get calls for clogged drains and our storm swat team is already to head out and clear everything out. We're testing pumps on a regular basis but so far so good we're not really seeing any significant temporary flooding," Standriff said.

CHP investigators are looking into whether rain played a factor into a deadly accident near the Tulare County town of Dinuba.

After a car slammed into a large power pole and burst into flames.

PG&E officials say despite the crash -- power outages were kept to a minimum in the area

"In some areas we have equipment in our system that allows it to isolate damage very quickly. You might notice a momentary outage...the lights flicker and that's our system healing itself," said Denny Boyles, PG&E spokesman.

If your street is flooded or have another storm related issue -- you always go to the Fres-Go App to report your concern with the city.
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