Driver's stunt ends in crazy crash in Fresno neighborhood

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Out of nowhere, an attempt to peel out ended in a crazy rear-end crash.

"I was just mostly shocked. You know amazed that I was able to walk away from it," said Nicolas Saldana, who just minutes earlier, was underneath the truck that was hit.

He had been repairing and replacing parts, but he got frustrated, so he got up to get some water.

"Something just told me: get up, walk away. That's what I did."

The out of control truck slammed into Saldana's truck parked in the driveway and pushed it into the garage.

Saldana describes the video, "You can see my jack, my jack's underneath the car, jack stand is underneath it tipped over."

The driver got out of the borrowed truck he was in.

He told officers he had no license or insurance.

Saldana said what he did have was an apology, "He gets out, he's like, 'It's my fault, I'm sorry, I apologize, I own up to it, I'm not gonna run.' So he tried giving me a hug, and you know, I wasn't trying to hug no man."

A while later, Saldana remembered his Ring camera must have captured the crash. There he saw his split-second reaction, "I was surprised on my quick response to actually run away."

Seeing the video reminds him of just how fortunate he was that he wasn't under the jacked up truck. He had been working on it for two hours and replaced everything from brakes, to drums, and a caliper.

"Everyone tells me, man, you are lucky because you could have been pinned under that car," said Saldana. "I guess once you start thinking about it, you start thinking about the worse that can happen, and I'm actually excited that I'm still breathing."
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