DUI driver arrested for injuring Madera high schooler at bus stop

Highway patrol officers have uncovered the real reason behind a crash that severely injured a high schooler in Madera. They say the driver, 23-year-old Manuel Morales Rosales, was not only driving under the influence but also didn't have a license.

The crash happened on Road 25 around 6:30 Monday morning. The force of the impact was so strong, it knocked down a row of trees. In his mug shot, you can see cuts to the suspect's face. The teenager who was hit is in much more serious condition.

"We're grateful we don't have a tragedy on our hands," said Dr. Rebecca Malmo with the Madera Unified School District

The district told us the victim is a student at Madera South High School. He was waiting for the school bus when a Chevy minivan came careening down the road. Rosales told officers he accidentally spun out.

"He advised that he hit some water and hydroplaned in the water and lost control of the vehicle," said Officer Rod Nazario with the CHP.

But investigators say that wasn't the entire truth. They've arrested Rosales for felony DUI and for driving without a license.

"I think any accident like this reminds us that we have to slow down during the rainy season and fog is not far behind that," said Dr. Malmo.

The victim is recovering in the hospital with a broken femur among other injuries.

For other students, it's a somber reminder to always be aware of your surroundings, especially while heading to school in rural areas.
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