Attorneys representing Dylan Noble's family reject internal investigation results

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The attorneys for the family of Dylan Noble feel like the police department is still more concerned about the officers instead of improving the tactics they are using during high-pressure situations.

Right after the results of an internal investigation were revealed Friday by Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer, the attorney representing Noble's mother stood outside police headquarters fuming over the findings.

"Disappointed in the fact that everything I've seen seems to be putting the blame onto Dylan Noble himself and not accepting responsibility for the misconduct of the police department," attorney Stuart Chandler said.

Dyer promised better training for officers, especially when it comes to transitioning from using deadly force another less-lethal option. Attorneys for Noble's parents believe there was a way to subdue him without killing him.

"What the chief failed to address is what about the other options the officers had?" Chandler asked. "What about TASER? What about pepper spray? What about a bean bag shotgun, if you will? None of those things were used. There was no discussion about what the police department had available."

Attorney Warren Paboojian is the attorney representing Dylan's father, and he believes it was the responding officers who set the tense tone the moment they made the traffic stop with their guns drawn. Paboojian wants additional training but also a change in philosophy.

"The police department has a policy, in my opinion, that is shoot first, ask questions later," he said.

Dylan's parents didn't want to talk Friday. Dylan's mother is doing well, according to her attorney and is focusing her grief on being an advocate for change at the police department. In the meantime, both attorneys say they are gearing up for a federal trial.

"We look forward to trying this case in front of a jury to determine if the other three shots were not justified," Paboojian said.

No offers to settle the case have been made. The next hearing in federal court is set for February.
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